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■Handling of personal information

Please see “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information“.

■Proposals for ideas, etc.

You may sometimes provide the Company with various ideas, etc., but we are very sorry that we are refraining from accepting your suggestions. Please understand that this decision is to avoid constraints to our own research and the development of new products and to avoid any troubles or misunderstandings relating to intellectual property and others arising from the identity or similarity of the ideas we have created and your suggestions.
In addition, please note that if you provide us your proposal and related materials, we would like to inform you that all your proposals have been submitted with your consent to the following points. 

  1. The Company shall not be obliged to keep the proposals you have provided secret.
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  3. Should the Company adopt a proposal that is the same or similar in whole or in part to the proposals you have provided, we shall not be liable to the provider of the proposal in any way, including payment of compensation, etc.

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