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“LIHIT” is named after “LICHT” means shine, dawn and hope in German. “LAB” is laboratory, contains the image of cutting-edge investigation and experiment to clarify unknown space and world as humans’ “dream” as same as American space experiment “Skylab” and “Spacelab”. The name of LIHIT LAB. represents our business attitude to challenge tomorrow and unknown world with full of hope and possibility.

LIHIT LAB. 公司名字的由来

公司名字中的LIHIT取自德语的词汇LICHT有着【光明,曙光,希望】的含义。 LAB.(Laboratory)是英文实验室的简称,像美国的宇宙实验室【 SKY LAB.】、【SPACE LAB.】等,作为人类的【梦】,为了解开未知的世界,宇宙奥妙的最先端的研究和实验的含义。

【LIHIT LAB.】是表现更多的希望和可能性,挑战明日和未知世界的经营姿态。


Our logo is designed by Shin Matsunaga, one of the famous graphic designers in Japan.

现在的【LIHIT LAB.】商标设计是经由日本著名的平面设计师松永真氏手绘设计的


President   Hirokazu Tanaka
President            Hirokazu Tanaka

Since founded 1938, we have been striving to contribute to society through the development of office supplies for rationalization, labor-saving and modernization. We have been always aware of user’s needs and expanded business as one of stationery manufacturers in this information culture. In recent years, needs have diversified and individualized with the development of the information society and one of the most important things for today’s companies is how to adapt to changing market. We identify what should be changed and should not be changed to develop, and promote innovative changes.

Life begins and ends with an encounter. We would like to value the chance we could have met everyone and will devote to be considered by everyone as “happy to have met the products by LIHIT LAB.” and “glad to have business relationship with LIHIT LAB.”

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.




我们非常注重至今为止和大家有缘相识,并珍惜这份缘分,今后也为【能遇到LIHIT LAB. (喜利)产品真好】和【能与LIHIT LAB.(喜利)合作荣幸】的方向精进。



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