A history of Lihitlab

We started business with manufacturing office supplies such as display books and binders for office use since 1938 in Japan. Adapting to recent situation with our technologies and experiences, we have shifted to design, manufacture and sell various kinds of colorful products for personal use, as well as office supplies, around the world.

1905 — 1947

From the founding of Tanaka Keijin Shokai to the end of the war

1905Founder Norihito Tanaka was born (Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto)
1919Founder Norihito Tanaka joined Fukui Shoten
1938AprNorihito Tanaka left Fukui Shoten
MayFounded “Tanaka Norihito Shokai” (Kita-Kyuhoji-cho, Higashi-ku, Osaka)
1940The 1st Catalogue published/Spring File released
1945FebRenamed to “Lihit Office Supplies Mfg.”
MarCompany burned down by the Osaka Air Raid
1947Moved the headquarters to Noninbashi, Higashi-ku, Osaka (current site of the headquaters)

1948 — 1967

From the establishment of Licht Industry to the completion of the head office.

1948MayEstablished “Lihit Industry Co., Ltd.” as the Public Limited Company with the capital of 2 million yen
1951The 5th General Catalogue published/Paper Fastener (No.8) released
1953JulOpened Tokyo Sales Office (Yanagihara, Asakusa, Taito-ku)
1957Moved Tokyo Sales Office to Nihonbashi-Hamacho
1958Established Tokyo factory in Kikukawa, Sumida-ku
1962FebHeadquarters factory completed
SepListed on “the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange”
Manufactured and released “Colored File” for the first time in Japan
1963NovTokyo sales office newly built
Released Super Drill (No.1001)
1964MarFukuoka sales office opened
SepSapporo sales office opened
1965Punchless File (No.33) released
1966Electric Punch (No.2001) released
1967Capital 300 million yen

1968 — 1980

From the new head office to the Tokyo branch.

1968FebNew Headquarters construction completed
AprEstablished Company Motto and Norihito Tanaka received the Academy Award from American Association
SepNagoya sales office opened
Computer Binder (No.1301) released
Clear Holder (No.78) released
1969Jun Hiroshima sales office opened
NovHeadquarters product warehouse (Kawaguchi warehouse) newly established
1971MarPresident Norihito Tanaka received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon
SepIntroduced computers
OctHeadquarters Computer Room opened Sendai Sales Office opened
1972“History of Stationery” was published by Norihito Tanaka(as the 35th anniversary of the founding)
Increased capital to 340 million yen Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange
1973Capital 374 million yen
1976AprOsaka Distribution Center newly built
1977JanCapital 600 million yen
1978Publication of a specialized catalogue for hospitals
1980Promoted Tokyo Sales Office to Tokyo Branch Office

1982 — 1988

From management change to the end of Showa.

1982MayNorihito Tanaka was assigned to Chairman, Tsunehisa Tanaka was assigned to President and Kanji Tanaka was assigned to Vice President
Celebration of the inauguration of the current president, Tsunehisa Tanaka
Ring File (No.153) released
198545th Anniversary of founding Party
1985JunYokohama sales office opened
SepOsaka Nanko Workshop / Osaka Distribution Center newly built
SepNorihito Tanaka received the order of the sacred treasure , gold rays with neck ribbon.
1986P.P. Punchless File (F-342 / F-347) released
1987AugNorthern Kanto Sales Office opened
1988Capital 1.83 billion yen through public offering

1989 — 2017

From the completion of the head office to the present in 1989.

1989MarHeadquarters building newly built / Clear Book Lupo PLAN-DO-SEE N-27 released
1990NovShizuoka Division Factory Building completed
1991FebTHE ONLY ONE EARTH series released
JulCompany name changed to “LIHIT LAB. Co., Ltd.” (VI of Shin Matsunaga)
SepShizuoka Division File Studio opened / Distribution Center completed
Shizuoka Division Factory completed
1992AugChairman Norihito Tanaka passed away
1993Mar“LIHIT MED.” Brand announcement
1994NovShizuoka Division Logistics Center / Automatic Rack Warehouse Completed
1995Completion of Shizuoka Division / Guest House
1996Nov“LIHIT SIG.” Brand announcement
1997MarShizuoka Division Factory Expansion
1998FebTHE ONLY ONE EARTH II series released
60th Anniversary of founding/ 50th Anniversary of establishment
Sales 14.21 billion yen
347 employees
2004MayShizuoka Division and new Logistics Building (Picking Building) completed
2005MayCompletion of LIHIT LAB.VIETNAM INC. Factory
2006JulPrivacy mark (P mark) acquisition
2007NovCompletion of new factory building of LIHIT LAB.VIETNAM INC.
2009marTwist Notebook (N-1601 / N-1603) released
2010AugDesktop Stand (A-7332) released
2010OctVietnam subsidiary (LIHIT LAB.VIETNAM INC.) obtainedISO9001 / ISO14001
2012SepObtained SA8000: 2008 certification from Vietnam subsidiary (LIHIT LAB.VIETNAM INC.)
2013JulListed on “Tokyo Stock Exchange Market Part 2”
2014AprCompletion of new warehouse for Vietnamese subsidiary (LIHIT LAB.VIETNAM INC.)
2017FebSMART FIT PuniLabo Stand Pen Case(A-7712)
2017JunObtained SA8000: 2014 certification from Vietnam subsidiary (LIHIT LAB.VIETNAM INC.)
2018JulTokyo branch office building newly built
2021JulChanged company name to “LIHIT LAB. Co., Ltd.” 30 years


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