Handling of Personal Information

  1. The personal information you enter shall be used to respond to inquiries and requests for materials, as well as to send them, to provide information on new products, to request cooperation for product monitoring, and to send gifts, and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  2. No other use or provision shall be made without obtaining the person’s consent, except in accordance with laws and regulations or in cases where the possibility to threaten the life, health, or property of the person or the public exists.
  3. In the event personal information is entrusted to the subcontractor, an appropriate subcontractor shall be selected and entrusted upon conclusion of an agreement concerning the protection of personal information.
  4. Please note that if you do not fill in the correct information, we may not be able to respond accurately, send gifts, or post in a store search.
  5. Please contact us at the following Center if you have any inquiries about the personal information you entered, or if you have any requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of the personal information. 
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  7. For the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is an encryption technology, is introduced on our site where personal information is entered so that customers can enter personal information securely.

Customer Service Center within the Sales Planning Department of LIHIT LAB., INC
Manager of Sales Division, Personal Information Protection Manager
Telephone: +81 6 6946 3931 / FAX: +81 6 6946 2565