LIHIT LAB. Official SNS (Twitter, Instagram,
Facebook and YouTube) Operation Policy

  1. Operation Policy
    • LIHIT LAB., INC. (“the Company”) has established this operation policy for social networking services (“SNS”) on social media in order to facilitate communications with customers.Please agree to our official SNS operation policy on this page before using the SNS account operated by us (“official SNS”).
  2. About Operation
    • Official SNS are operated by the Company as a forum for the transmission of information on products and services and for communication with customers.
  3. Precautions for Use
    • We shall not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information posted on the official SNS.
    • We shall not be responsible for any actions that users may take using official SNS information.
    • We shall not be responsible for any reply, retweet, comment, etc. on official SNS of the user who post.
    • We shall not be responsible for any trouble or dispute or any damage between customers or cuistomer and any third party, caused in connection with the official SNS.
    • The copyright, etc. relating to the submission of Comments, etc. shall belong to the customer who made the submission, but upon submission, the customer shall have granted the Company the right to use the Posted Contents non-exclusively and free of charge worldwide, and agrees not to exercise the copyright, etc. against the Company.
    • The Company will not reply to all comments on each official SNS. For questions about our products, such as technologies and services, please contact our customer service center.
    • Official SNS may terminate without notice.
  4. Deleting Writes, etc. by Users
    • Please note that the postings and accounts that have following contents may be deleted or blocked without prior notice.
      • Contents that violate or are likely to violate laws and regulations
      • Contents that slander specific individuals or organizations, etc.
      • Contents that aim political or religious activities
      • Contents that infringes the intellectual property rights of the Company or the third party, such as copyrights, trademark rights, and portrait rights
      • Advertising, promotion, solicitation, sales activities, and other contents for profit-making purposes
      • Contents with discrimination in race, ideas, beliefs, etc. or contents that increase such discrimination
      • Contents contrary to public order or morality
      • Contents with fake or false fact or mere rumors or contents that promote rumors
      • Contents that is detrimental to privacy, such as identifying, disclosing, or divulging personal information without the consent of the party involved
      • Contents of who impersonate other users, third parties, etc.
      • Contents with harmful programs, etc.
      • Inappropriate contents including obscene expressions, etc.
      • Contents that modify part or all of the contents transmitted by the Company
      • Contents with information deemed by the Company to be inappropriate and links containing such information
  5. Publication and Change of the Policy
    • The contents of this policy shall be posted on the website of the Company. In addition, this policy may be changed without prior notice from time to time if necessary.
  6. Social Media Account of the Company





Established on November 1, 2021