Storage items with colors suitable for home use.
My+Room = Rooomy
We offer warm and cool colors.
You can find the perfect one that matches your preferences.

Made of lightweight and durable P.P. material. Perfect for storing small items or daily necessities.
The calm matte finish and subtle logo with embossing blend in with your interior design.



Mini Size

For storing greeting cards and wrapping decors 


For storing stationery and the work box for kids

A4 Wide

For storing school supplies and A4 envelopes 

– Designed to fit various sizes perfectly –


A4 2/3 size

For organizing document binders and daily use items 

A4 Size

For organizing daily use items and storing groceries 

Folder A4 size

For organizing user manuals and documents 

– How to assemble –

When opened, align part A at the center of the bottom.
Insert the two protrusions on part B into the holes, and then insert the bottom plate by fitting the four protrusions into the holes.

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