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Adorable animal stand pencil cases at School, Office, and Home. Kawaii right next to you !

Spring season has come in Japan. As you may know, Japanese spring is famous for Sakura (cherry blossoms). When seeing Sakura, we feel liveliness and calmness. Also it’s starting new business year and new school year.

New season, why don’t you freshen up with charming animal stationery?

It would be perfect as Gift!

Here are cute animal products called “PuniLabo”.

PuniLabo was named by “Puni” which express the texture of silicon material in Japanese. We use the word of “PuniPuni” for thing is soft and squishy. And “Labo” is abbreviation for laboratory. Once you touch these items, you will be addicted!

PuniLabo’s products are not only cute but also handy and really functional stationery! In this series, one of the popular stationery is stand pencil cases. We’re sure you will find your favorite animal one.

Table of contents

  1. What kind of animals are there?
  2. Behind the scenes story of new member of PuniLabo
  3. Sizing
  4. How to use
  5. Usage images

What kind of animals are there ?

PuniLabo were launched in 2017, in the beginning we only had 6 characters, however, PuniLabo series had been incredibly hit around the world so now we have 10 characters and will join 5 more animals soon!

Here’s current variation and pics.

#1/ Bear, #2/Shiba dog, #3/Black Cat, #4/Gray Cat, #5/Pig, #6/Panda, #7/Calico Cat, #8/Boston Terrier Dog, #9/Parakeet & #10/Penguin.

New members are below

To begin with we will give you some hints of our new members. Can you guess which ears are which character?  Look carefully their ears, the shapes are different by each character.

The answer is 

#101/Corgi, #102/American shorthair, #103/Scottish fold, #104/Chick & #105/Black rabbit

Behind the scenes story of new member of PuniLabo

We would like to share some history how new members of PuniLabo were picked!

For the past few years, we all in the world have been through incredibly tough time and we thought we need to produce new products which can make people happy and healed in daily life.

We researched what animals are current trend as pet in the world.  The result was Dogs first and Cats second. In addition, Guinea Pigs, mouse, rabbits etc. were ranked in. We already had several dogs and cats which are popular as pets in Japan, such as Shiba dogs, Gray cats and Calico cats, so we wanted make new animals that are loved by people from all over the world. That’s why new members are Corgi, American shorthair, Scottish fold and Black Rabbit.

Chick joined as PuniLabo member since 2019, but we didn’t have for stand pen case, however, Chick has been very popular in other stationery goods that’s why we decided to let it join!


The difference between normal size and big size is maximum capacity. 

・Normal size

The normal one can store up to approximately 15 pencils.

・Big size

The big one can store up to approximately 22 pencils. 

Please make sure that the maximum capacity might change depending on pen types. 

*We only have big size for current members so far.

How to use?

When using on your desk, just open the zipper, press it down then it will turn into a standing pencil case! When carrying around, just pull out the bottom.

Let us share you a small tip -there’s an eraser holder inside the lid so you won’t lose eraser 😉

Usage images

Not only storing pencils but also makeup accessories, toothbrush set and so on.

1/Storing makeup brushes. 

Probably you can’t close the zipper but keep brushes conveniently. When you makeup daily life, you don’t get annoyed by looking for certain Brush! It’s made of silicone rubber, so even it’s get dirty you can clean it up.

 2/Storing toothbrush set 

You can carry your tooth brush set with cute container. It’s atanding so easy to take it out and in                      

If there are any chances that you take pictures with PuniLabo, please post on Instagram! We love seeing how you use our products and let’s get into communication each other.

Please use hashtags: #LIHITLAB #PuniLabo #StandPencase then we might share your posts.

(Our official account: @lihitlab._eng)

We hope you will enjoy our kawaii products! Thank you for reading!

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