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Best Japandi Monitor Stands for Home Office

We guess you have been working from home for past few years and it’s time to upgrade your working space to motivate you and increase productivity! Here is our new arrival paired monitor stands, “NIKOICHI”.

What kind of style and color variation?

NIKOICHI is inspired by Japandi style, a fusion of Japanese Wabi-sabi and Scandinavian rustic design. Japandi style looks minimul, functional, warm and calming, so it will fit for your home interior.

For color variation, we chose these 4 calming colors: #0/White for kinari, #12/Pink for asa-ake, #14/Teal for mizu-asagi and #24/Black for sumi. They will not spoil your interior whichever you choose.

How to assemble?

It would bother you if the assembly is complicated, but NIKOICHI does not need any assemble! Just unbox them, they are ready to use.

There are 2 hooks on one side and 2 holes on the other side so they can be easily connected to each other.


Some of you might be concerned about the environmental impact – we aimed to produce a sustainable monitor stand when we designed this NIKOICHI.

Because it is paired packed, the packaging material and the multiple logistic process are reduced comparing to buying 2 separated units of monitor stands.

Usage images

NIKOICHI concept & line-ups

“NIKOICHI” means “two per unit” in Japanese, so 2 units of monitor stands are packed in one. The demand for dual monitors has been increasing in number recently, so we decided to release this paired monitor stands.

Also, “NIKOICHI” contains the message of “Smiling (NIKO) is the best (ICHI)” 🙂

WA7500-2P NIKOICHI Paired Monitor Stands
400mm Wide for 15.3 inch monitor/laptop
#0/White, #12/Pink, #14/Teal & #24/Black
Material: ste
WA7501-2P NIKOICHI Paired Monitor Stands
540mm Wide for keyboard #0/White,
#12/Pink, #14/Teal & #24/Black
Material: steel Max load
weight: 15kgs

Most of monitor stands have been perfect for office use, but NIKOICHI will fit to your interior too. Also, it is environment-friendly due to the paired package. Choose your favorite one, upgrade your home office and increase your working productivity!

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